To install the RexDB Demo, clone the repository in the rexdb/demo package in our BitBucket project and follow these instructions.

To use this project, install VirtualBox, Vagrant and Ansible. For Vagrant, you need at least version 1.7. Once you are done, make sure you are in the root of the repo (you should see a Vagrantfile) and run:

vagrant up

If, for some reason, the provisioning process is not finalized, you can rerun it with:

vagrant provision

After that, you can access the RexDB study application at http://demo.local/.

On OSX, you may need to update the VirtualBox DHCP server before you do vagrant up as follows:

$ VBoxManage dhcpserver remove --netname HostInterfaceNetworking-vboxnet0

While most of the Ansible items are idempotent, the database deploy always shows as being run.