RexStudy Demonstration ServerΒΆ

RexStudy is used to help researchers securely integrate, manage, query and share their behavioral, medical, genomic, imaging and biospecimen-inventory data. It contains a study management data structure to manage the complexities of single visit or longitudinal studies.

We find labs are typically divided into two types: 1) those that use a centralized recruiter and add participants to call list and 2) those that add new participants and immediately screen and enroll them in a study. To showcase the two workflows and configurable nature of RexStudy we have created two demos:

RexStudy Large Lab


RexStudy Small Lab

RexSurvey is a web based Electronic Data Capture (EDC) application aimed to help researchers collect survey data directly from the research participant. RexSurvey displays tasks assigned to research participants in RexStudy. A demo is available here: