RexDB Acknowledgements

RexDB is free software created by Prometheus Research, LLC and is released under the AGPLv3 license with a commensurate attribution clause.

The development of thi product was developed with significant support from the Simons Foundation.

The development of this product was supported by grant from the National Institute of Mental Health of the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation.

NSF Grant Number: IIP0944460

SBIR Phase I: Data Discovery Tool

Objective: To commercialize one of the exceptionally promising technologies developed by Prometheus for wider distribution – a standard component that translates the language of the web (HTTP) into the language of databases

NIMH Grant Number: 5R43MH099826-02

Project Title: A Model Integrated Data Management System for Multi-Disciplinary Autism Research

NIMH Grant Number: 5R43MH102900-02

Project Title: Extending an Open-Source Integrated Data Management Platform to Anxiety Disorders

Grant Number: 1R43MH106225-01

Project Title: Open Source Tools and Standards to Facilitate the Reuse of Electronic Data Capture Instruments in Mental Health Research

RexDB uses some third-party technology in certain components. These components include, but are not limited to..

  • cached-property
  • colander
  • docutils-react-docgen
  • docutils-shell
  • fake-factory
  • inflect
  • iso8601
  • msgpack-python
  • prismh.core
  • PostgreSQL
  • PyExecJS
  • Python
  • PyReact
  • python-dateutil
  • speaklater
  • sphinxcontrib-jsdemo
  • sphinxcontrib-rextheme
  • transit-python
  • translationstring
  • Werkzeug
  • wheel

The development of RexDB includes contributions by the following individuals..

  • Henry Agnew (Design Control)
  • Beth Anderson (RexStudy Product Manager)
  • Gabriele Brizzi (RexStudy Developer)
  • Susan Byrne (RexDB Quality Control)
  • Mike Conroy (RexStudy Developer)
  • Dmitry Druganov (RexStudy Developer)
  • Clark Evan (RexDB Platform Architect)
  • Frank Farach (RexDB Analyst)
  • Oleksiy Golovko (RexDB Platform/RexStudy Architect)
  • Philip Langthorne (RexDB Analyst)
  • Owen McGettrick (RexDB Platform Developer)
  • Alejandro Mesa (RexDB Platform Developer)
  • Savitha Pallipuram (RexDB Quality Assurance)
  • Andrey Popp (RexDB Platform Developer)
  • Leon Rozenblit (RexDB Analyst)
  • Eugenia Rudenko (RexDB Platform Developer)
  • Jason Simeone (RexDB Developer)
  • Kyrylo Simonov (RexDB Platform Architect)
  • Charles Tirrell (RexDB Platform Product Manager)
  • David Voccola (RexDB Analyst)